Ecrã tipo “Aeroporto” para o controlo da recepção.

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A iodeia é a criação de um monior a ser usado em TV de grandes dimensões para se ter uma ideia do estado de cada carro que foi registado na portaria até ao registo de sa+ida das instalações

Transcrevo para aqui o requisito apurado na altura para a Biedronka.

“The goal of this development is to show the progression of the receiving activity by gate, driver ID (temporary ID) in an wide screen, like the ones presented at the airports for departure and arrival control, in order to the driver and other warehouse personal can keep in touch to the evolution of this warehouse activity.

2. Description of the change
This special screen will be a non-standard screen because it needs some special mechanism that is not present in the standard ones, like:
1. The menus will not be shown;
2. The “monitor” dimensions will be like a TV of 49′ or similar;
3. Probably the TV will be used as portrait as opposite to landscape (normal use);
4. System has to make an automatic refresh from time to time;
5. After reaching the end of the first “page”, system has to scroll automatically from the first page to the last in a repetitive cycle and re-start again at the first page”

The information present in the screen should be at least the following
• Vehicle plate
• Booking number
• Gate number
• Phase of goods receive:
◦ Gate In register – “Transporter Arrived”;
◦ Transporter Accepted – “Go To Gate”;
◦ Transporter In – “Vehicle Docking”;
◦ “Receiving in Progress”;
◦ “Receiving Ended”.
• Progress bar (pallets received against the total pallet to be received)”

(by Vitor Dias)

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