ZSubject Access Request Summary

A Subject Access Request is a request for information we hold on you. You do not have to use this form and can contact us by any means you choose (such as a letter or email) to request information, however by using the form below you will help to to more efficiently dealy with your request.

Alternative contact details can be found on our Privacy Policy Page here.

1.0 Your Name

(Please also provide any other names under which you have been employed, for example a maiden name)

2.0 Your Status

Are you an employee, ex-employee or job applicant?

3.0 Where Located

Company location and employing department (if applicable).

4.0 When Employed

Relevant employment dates (as applicable):


(a) Commencement date

(b) Termination date

(c) Date of job application

(d) Date of job interview

5.0 Data Requested

Please specify precisely the personal data that you are requesting and give as much information as possible to enable the personal data to be located, including:

  • (a) The specific documents or files you wish to see.
  • (b) The names of any individuals or departments whom you believe may hold the personal data you have requested.
  • (c) Any other information which will assist us in searching for the personal data you have requested.
6.0 Address

Address where we can contact you and to which you would like the personal data to be sent.

7.0 Telephone Number

A number we can contact you on if we need to talk to you.

8.0 Email Address

An email address where we can contact you.

9.0 Evidence of your Identity

Please supply two documents as proof of your identity and address (for example, a driving licence, passport or identity card as evidence of identity and a recent bill from a utility company or bank or credit card statement as evidence of address).

1) Identity proof
2) Address proof

By submitting this form, I accept that I am making a request under the General Data Protection Regulations to receive a copy of specified personal data that the Company holds about me. By submitting this form, I confirm that I am the data subject named above and that you can contact me if necessary if you wish to obtain further identifying information before agreeing to my request.

I acknowledge that you may also need to contact me to obtain any further information that you require to enable you to comply with my request.

I understand that it may take up to 30 days from receipt of this form, or from receipt of any further information you request from me which is required to enable you to comply with my request, before a reply to my request is provided to me.