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Transfers between picking containers with TA declaration

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The goal of this guide is to provide a detailed view of the development about transfers between picking containers.

Transfers between execution containers

Container type definition

Every container type has these definitions:

  • Segregation type: If it is Mono article In and Out or Multi article In and Out;
  • Expiration date: If it is Multi date (can store articles with different expiration dates) or not;
  • Batch record: If it is Multi batch record (can store articles with different batch records) or not.

The responsible screen to manage that in WPMS is the Containers List ([AD012]).

Select container, go to Options → Accessories Transport On ATs List. Choose the “Picking/Marshalling” list and click Next. The Transport Accessories configured in this list will be the empties available in the field “Empty type” during the transfer process.

Global → Global Application → Application → Master Data → Warehouse Management → Containers → Containers Definitions [AD012]

Store Operation Definition

With this configuration the system will determine what is the operation that it will use during the process, and that will be associated with the expedition containers.

Global → Global Application → Application → Warehouse Management → Operational Definitions→ Determinations → Alternative Operation Determination [AL342]

In this transaction you should configure the AT Base field. If it is “Mandatory Declaration”, in the PDT the operator will have to declare the empty container.

Global → Global Application → Application → Warehouse Management → Tailoring → Operative Flows → Warehouse Operation [AL102]

Working Unit Configuration

In order for the system to consider this new development the Working Unit Type Determination should be configured by Warehouse and Doc.Type in AL092.

Global → Global Application → Application → Warehouse Management → Operational Definitions → Determinations → Work Unit Type Determination [AL092]

Example of settings for warehouses 5403, 5301 and 5505. In this example the warehouse 5403 is configured with the new working unit type (RF goods Cont Transfer).

Actions for the transfer

In the transaction AL118 you should define for the warehouse, department and working unit type (65 in this example) the actions for the transfer. In these actions we included the new one: 5460 – Transfer Shipping Merchandise: Declare Label Destination.

Global –> Global Application –> Application –> Warehouse Management –> Operational Definitions –> Tailoring –> Actions and Working Units –> Work Units Management [AL118]

Operation on PdT

Enter on PdT and click in “Dispatch”.

After that, click on “Transf. Exec. Itens to Container”.

Here you need to introduce the label of the origin container you want to transfer from and then click “CONF”.

Afterwards, introduce/scan the article barcode label and then click “CONF”.

In the next screen, you need to declare the label of the target container, where you want to transfer the article to, and the article quantities.

You will also need to declare the container type, if you configured “Mandatory declaration” in the field AT Base of the operation linked to the container (AL102). Afterwards, press “CONF”.

At this moment, the system validates the Segregation Types configured in AD012, for the types of containers declared, to determine if the transfer is possible. If the article is managed with expiration date or batch record, the system also validates the expiration date or the batch declared according to the definition of the container type. The container type combo box will be selected by default with the container type calculated based on the best fit for the picked quantities declared.

According to the configuration in the field AT Base in AL102, the system will ask the operator to declare the empty type.

The empty list presented depends on the type of container declared on the previous screen, and for that container type it shows the corresponding empties, configured in AD012, in the “Picking/Marshalling” list.