Pick Pallets to a Temporary Gate


With this development we want to achieve the possibility to pick containers to a temporary gate. Also make a distinction between pick by box and pick by pallet for the warehouse operations, with this it will be possible to send pallets from the same booking with the same flow and operation go to diferent spaces in the warehouse.

Changes in the operation report

Global -> Global Application -> Application -> Warehouse Management -> Tailoring -> Operative Flow Types -> Warehouse Operation [AL102]

As you can see in the image to this report in exchange from the field “Picking to Dispatching Dock”, we create two new field, so now we have the possibility to create containers with different spaces in the same booking to the same store.

Temporary Docks Spaces

Global -> Global Application -> Application -> Master Data -> Tailoring -> Spaces -> Spaces -> Space Type [AD028]

To create temporary dock we should create a new space type and in the field Space Type Class, choose the class temporary dock.

Important Notes

  1. The system just goes change the containers final space when in the operation is defined as picked to the dock and the space given to the booking is a space that belongs to the new class “Temporary Docks”.
  2. The system will use to allocate this containers to a new place using the rules defined in the multi article allocation report (AL380). You can find the instructions to configure this rules in the manual MT_066 – Multi Article Containers.
  3. Just buffer spaces are valid to the allocation of this containers.