Driver Validation


This development it will improve the driver validation, given to the users the possibility to create they’re own rules.

Driver Rules determination

Global -> Global Application -> Application -> Warehouse Management -> Gatehouse -> Determining the validity of the entry record [AL405]

When we open this screen we will see the different session for this determination, the system it will check by the first on top until the last one on bottom, when it finds some result it will stop and get that results, this means the top sessions are have more priority than the ones on the bottom.

Now we will try to explain how to fill this sessions. And we will use the first one on top has example because has more fields to be fill.

All this field are mandatory, so now I gone explain one by one:

Vehicle operations → You can choose between the operations that the driver can choose in the self check in work unit, so here you can choose between the operations Load, Returns and Unload.

Driver Type → Here you can choose between all the types of drivers:

  • Valid Internal → Is a Biedronka Employee
  • External Valid → Not a Biedronka Employee
  • Locked Internal → Is a Biedronka Employee
  • Locked External → Not a Biedronka Employee

At Entry or Exit → In this field you should choose if the validation is made on the car entrance or on the exit.

Vehicle Ownership → This one should be filled if the car is internal or external, the internal cars are the ones visible in the AL270 report, the external cars are not maintain in the system.

Language → Here should be choose the language of the user that do the self check in work unit.

Action to be taken → There are 3 action that can be taken here:

  • Reject;
  • Accept;
  • Accept with a warning.

Description → It will be the text shown to the user in the end of the work unit, or in a pop pup message if the action is reject. If you don’t want to send any message for the acceptance you should fill the field with the number 0.

In the end we will have something like this:

Important Note:

If on the self check in or on the check out if the system for some reason doesn’t find any rule compatible with the with the creation or exited of the register, an error message it will be sent saying that you are missing some configuration. So at least fill the bottom session of the determination so you can avoid this error message.