Extra instructions


With this development we try to give the users the possibility to introduce new actions in the middle off the working unit with new non standard instructions for the operator.

Define the acceptance of instructions

Global -> Global Application -> Application -> Warehouse Management -> Tailoring -> Actions and Working Units -> Working units Types [AL117]

In this screen we gone define witch working units types accept instructions for that we create a new select field and when is filled is because the working unit type will accept new instructions.

Create the determination of the instructions injection on the working units.

Global -> Global Application -> Application -> Warehouse Management -> Tailoring -> Actions and Working Units -> Determination of instructions [AL399]

In this screen we have diferent sessions of the determination. All of them has the warehouse, action and this action is the standard action of the work unit and the instruction action it will be injected before this action, language so you can create diferent instructions by language. After this fiels we also have one session with the flow so the instruction can be just show in one or other flow or we can have different messages for diferent flows. Another session is with the article and the unit of measure, so we can create just instruction for specific articles.

If we see the image above, we are creating a new definition that says, in the warehouse 5401, before the action 0250 and for our English users we are gone insert the action 4910 with the message shown in the image. Also we have the flag Multiple Treatment in this case is active, so every time the action 0250 is in the work unit we will insert the action 4910. If the flag is not active the action 4910 is just shown in the first time we have the action 0250.

The instructions screen on the working unit.

As you can se on the image above this new action just show the message defined before to the operator and the operator now just need to click on CONF. This messages can be use as an extra advice to the user like in this sample, but also can inform to the user to do something extra.