Close the day


With this development we try to help the warehouse management team to close all not distributed document lines from a specific day or document.

For achieve this objective we develop a new report with all the processing documents made by date, to make easier to the user knows was added a description field in the report AL258 so the processing document could have a description.

Also and because this action could be schedule it was created a protected field so when the appointment runs this processing documents are not touched.

Create a Processing Document

Global -> Global Application -> Application -> Warehouse Management -> Goods Issue -> Orders to be Processed -> Customer Orders [AL258]

As you can see in the image to this report a new field was added, so now the users can give a description to the processing document.

Close Processing Document

Global -> Global Application -> Application -> Warehouse Management -> Goods Issue -> Orders to be Processed -> List of Processings by Date [AL404]

Here we can select a site, a specific date or a dates interval and also if the document is protected or not.

In this report you can change the description and protection of the document. If you just want to change you should select the report edit mode and change the field you want in the end click on the button save .

If we want to close the document and save your changes, we should choose the button .

Important notes:

  1. Is just allow close documents there are not protected.
  2. The job created to close the document (Close the documents linked to the processing document) should be configure to run in the same same service than the job Creation of definite document.
  3. The program will just close the documents lines not distributed. This means that the program just close document lines and containers lines if there aren’t any execution document to this document lines.
  4. The number of documents you can see on the report is the number of client orders.
  5. The field closed on the report appears when, all the containers linked to the documents inside the processing document are cancel or dispatched.
  6. It just appear here processing documents with link documents inside. For example if you done two different processes with two different client orders. It will be created two processing documents, but if when you create the booking you join everything one of that processing documents will die. And on the joining of the processing documents the system will join the descriptions and if one of them is protected the final processing document it will be protected also.