Barcodes for article identification (EAN13 and 128 UCC)


In the installation of the WPMS software in installations outside the national territory the need arose to have a solution that allows us to configure dimensions of the EAN barcodes per installation for the identification of the articles.

The goal of the request is to allow different configurations of barcode structures for different flows, i.e. to rely on SSCC labels for Xdock and pocket labels for other flows.

In current receiving and expedition process, the pocket labels are used to identify pallets that were physically received. However, if the supplier provides us an SSCC label and this label is scanned by the operator, system will use the application identifier ‘00’ to get the label number and won’t ask to input it. This behavior is expected in Xdock process, since the suppliers are sticking the same labels that are included in the ASN, however we would like to change it for other flows.

Possible solution: introduce new barcode structure determination – by flow or operation.

Taking in to account the previous information we request a standard development solution that allows to:

Have different determination levels that allows to use different types of barcode structures

  • By warehouse, Operation, Flow;
  • By warehouse, Flow;
  • By Installation.

Use this determination to define different behaviors in different processes.

Configure dimensions of the EAN barcodes Radical PLU

Global -> Instalations -> Base -> List Instalations [IG001].

Note: This setting only needs to be changed when you want to use different dimensions of the default WPMS configuration. When you change the configuration you must include all the radicals even if some have the default dimension.

Example new configuration: 26=>7,27=>6,28=>7,29=>6 (Change radical 27 and 29)

Creating Types of Bar Code Structures 128 UCC

Global Application -> Application -> Master Data -> Parametrization -> Articles -> Types Of Structures Barcode [AD048].

Following the path shown above we will go to the next selection screen.

To create the new structure you will need to fill out the form data. In the end we will confirm .

After creating we should list the previously created types, so we can define the structure of 128 UCC barcodes, click on the Barcode Structures button.

In order to create / edit the new structure type we will have the following screen. In this screen to be able to define the structure we should click on the following button the left side of the screen .

And so it will be possible then to create the intended structure for the for this type. When we finish the structure of our barcode just save Save button .

Determination of 128 UCC Bar Code Structure Type.

Global Application -> Application -> Data Master -> Parametrization -> Articles Determination of the Type of Bar Code Structure [AD058].

At this point we will define where we will use the type of structure we created earlier.

Now we should choose the option where we want to use the structure type:

  • Warehouse, Operation, Flow, Barcode Class;
  • Warehouse, Flow, Barcode Class;
  • Warehouse, Barcode Class;
  • Installation, Barcode Class.

Here in this case we will use the definition Warehouse, Flow, Barcode Class where we will make the necessary configuration for Warehouse, Flow, Barcode class:

In the end we will confirm .

Once these steps are done, it will be possible to reuse 128 UCC Bar Codes, so let’s stress that after installing this development, it is important that parameterized in order to enable the system to decode the 128 UCC labels.

Parametrize the obligation of Document 128 UCC

Global Aplicação -> Aplicação -> Gestão de Armazéns -> Parametrização -> Fluxos Operativos -> Operações de Armazéns [AL102]

On this screen a new option will be available to force the presence of the document in the 128 UCC barcode.

When you select the Required document field in the 128UCC, it indicates that for this document is required at 128 UCC.

Note that this field will only be available for Reception type operations, and will only be account in the physical reception performed on the PC.

Use Receipt 128 UCC in receiving process