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Maintenance with Quantities

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With this development, we want create a new action to insert the quantities need to do the maintenance task we choose. And with that, when we generate the statistics we have a better notion what was done by the user.

How to configure the system

Global → Application → Application Warehouse → Management Tailoring → Actions → and Work Units → Work Unit Manegement[AL118]

First we need to go to the transaction AL118, and choose our maintenance work unit type in this sample case it will be the work unit type “77 – VitaFilm”.

After we list we need to modify the work unit type:

In this screen we need give to the work unit type an Execution Queue a Priority, and for the statistics we need choose a Data Calendar and choose the Actions resume field.

After we confirm our changes we need to go tot he Actions screen . And here we need to field the our screen like the image below:

And with that we have our configuration done.