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Carrier registration changes

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After declaring the arrival of one carrier, receive the many suppliers and orders in a separate way, in order to have different receiving process and then the stock available sooner.

Configure Booking creation Determination

Global → Global Application → Application → Warehouse Management → Operational definitions → Determinations → Booking Creation Determination [AL186]

You must configure the option “One booking with one operation per document” to get the expected effect on the development.

Booking Creation

Global → Global Application → Application → Warehouse Management → Gatehouse → PO with Delivery W/ Booking [AL026]

When joining several documents to the same booking, when a document presents a type of confirmationdifferent from those that are present in the booking.

A message appears stating that this document has been added to a booking that presents documents with adifferent type of confirmation.

Caution: Delivery has been added to a booking that has confirmation type – “ASN” .

  • To create one booking but with one receiving operation per document
  • This way Hebe would declare only once the arrival and departure of the carrier but WPMS would create as many work unit as documents.(document integration, manual, ASN);

Docks Received Plan

On the AL028 transaction, The Docks booking detail and administrative receiving process

Docks booking detail

On the screen that follows select your booking. Click the Schedule Plan Dock Booking.